The Diary Detox Book

Now everyone can get a day back in their diary with our new book, 'What are you doing? The uncomfortable truth about how you WASTE time at work.', from Paul Holbrook, debut author and creator of Diary Detox®. 

Time is your most precious resource. you can't buy more. You can't make more. But you can make the most of the time you already have. This book shows you how to take back control using five simple steps. It's not about doing more or being more productive. It's about respecting your time and teaching others to respect it too. 

Done right, the Diary Detox® will get you A DAY BACK EVERY WEEK. It will show you how to clear the noise from your diary - and your head - giving you much needed space to refocus on the things that actually matter in work and life.

Ask yourself...What Are You Doing?

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Listen to Chris Evans mentioning the book on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio UK with Sky


About the author

Paul Holbrook is a time rebel and leadership disrupter who, after 20 years in change management in the City of London, decided that he'd simple had enough of standing by, watching the toxic effects of people's diaries on themselves and those around them. From that moment, he decided he wanted to spend his time creating a world of better-led people.

Having covered a variety of roles within technology and people management, Paul is passionate about improvement. He believes the only thing stopping people getting the most from themselves, is an unerring attention to getting the best from everyone and everything around them. It all starts with what's in their diary.

Paul is an all-round optimist and the creator of the Diary Detox®.

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