Looking for growth, wellbeing, flexible-working and better results?

It's about time.

It's about time...

Are there things you know you and your people should be doing, things that will ensure your business survives and thrives, but for some reason you can't seem to get around to them?  

Have you spent an eye-watering amount on leadership development and still waiting for those around you to step-up?

Are you frustrated by your latest employee survey results?  Did the demand for flexible working, well-being and happiness come through loud and clear and you have no idea how to move forward?

If so, you already have the thirst for leadership, what you don't have is the time.

Our purpose is to remove managers' obliviousness to the toxic effect their diary is having on their people, their organisation and themself.

'A world of

better-led people'


A day back, every week...

The first step to giving you more time tomorrow is understanding what's happening with your time today. Whether you are a business owner, board director or Director of People, we can give you everything you need to put you back in control of your time.

Using the Diary Detox® Colours - Green, Amber, Red, Brown and Blue - your calendar will be turned into a heat-map, a mirror that will show your people what they are actually doing and the effect they are having on your customers, your people and your business, right now.


The Diary Detox® course together with the Diary Detox® App combine lean-leadership and time-management to ensure that 30-minutes a week will remove pointless meetings, get you out of your inbox, minimise needless interruptions and get at least a day back in your diary, every week.


Where can you start?

Well, you're here so you already have started. Next, find out what you and your people are actually doing.

In a one-hour presentation, on site at your offices, the Diary Detox® Discovery will use the Diary Detox® Categories and Colours to give you and your people an insight into how you use your time today.

As well as learning new concepts that you can all apply straight away, you will also receive a bespoke report that will show you what effect you are having, at each level in your organisation, and how you compare to other companies who are leading the way. 

The Diary Detox® Discovery will highlight where your biggest challenge lies and how we can help.


What our clients say

“Life is much calmer, I'd go so far as to say it's transformed.” 

—  Rachel, Business Owner


What Are We Doing?



If you have any questions or simply want to know more, simply get in touch.

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